Madison Dearborn Partners, LLC - Focus: management buy-outs, growth equity financing, recapitalization and acquisition-oriented financing.


Investment Strategy

MDP seeks to achieve superior returns for its investors through pursuing management buyouts and structured minority investments (structured equity investments). We focus on value-oriented mature businesses as well as growth-oriented companies with established operating track records. All investment opportunities are derived from MDP’s industry sector focus. The firm has six dedicated industry teams that have long and successful track records of investing in their respective sectors.

MDP employs an investment strategy that focuses primarily on the quality of the business enterprise, its prospects and its leadership and only secondarily on investment structure. MDP has distinguished itself as a creative provider of capital with the expertise to tailor our approach to each need or situation. Depending upon the specific attributes and business strength of a company, we may or may not deploy leverage in the capital structure. This approach allows MDP to capitalize on its deep industry expertise to pursue attractive investment opportunities whether structured as a control buyout or a structured minority investment.

Management buyouts typically involve an investment by MDP in the following situations:

  • Buyouts of private or publicly held companies
  • Buyouts of divisions or subsidiaries of large corporations
  • Recapitalizations of family-owned or closely held companies designed to achieve liquidity or raise equity, often allowing sellers to retain significant continuing ownership

Minority or structured equity investments typically involve an investment by MDP in the following situations:

  • Companies that are seeking capital to fund rapid growth
  • Capital for recapitalizations or balance sheet restructurings
  • Financings involving companies that require capital to pursue acquisitions or mergers

Partnering with strong management teams is a central element to all MDP investments.  We seek to partner with experienced managers who have a solid understanding of their businesses and track records of building shareholder value. MDP has demonstrated over three decades of investing that the combination of a talented and motivated management team with the resources of MDP is a powerful formula for success.